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Nebz Supreme - Winterz Coldest Fantasy - Single - Winterz Coldest Fantasy (Instrumental)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moka Only Martian Xmas 2009

New album from Moka Only...Martian Xmas Vol.6 2009..Featuring Bootie Brown of the Pharcyde, Psy Of The Nope, Sean O'Hagen of The High Llamas and Nebz Supreme..Coming December 15th to a store near you!!

Download Sampler Here:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interview With Domination

Friday, October 2, 2009
Meet the Artist: Nebz Supreme

Please introduce yourself?
Hello good folks and bad folks. Nebz Supreme here, Rio Escudo from xmas island.. Mr. Mad Lingo himself...aka Duella Deville from the hill...Aka who really gives a fuck?! I like San Pelegrino...

From where?
From 805 County, southern cali...Sheisty Barbaraz to be EXACTEM...

Music Influences?
Hmm..Well i'd definitely have to use the old mom and pop records line..Fer sure that, which included anywhere from Toto to Marvin Gaye to Led Zepplin...From there it went something like this...Metallica, Dead Kennedy's, Suicidal Tendencies, to fuckin NWA, slick rick the ruler, Public Enemy...In 93 when Wu-Tang HIT-Holy Shniit!! I was still bumpin Ice Cube but Wu-Tang blew my noodle..Saafir, Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship and all that ol underground ATAK shit..And of course being from S Barb Lootpack and the Liks...Nowadays, im'a have to say my man Moka Only is a huge influence and probably my favorite artist..Working with Mokes been dopenary...and of course all of my other homies i work with..I'm admittedly an impressionable pisces so my homies are my biggest influences...Oh, and on some other shit- definitely the High Llamas...Had to throw that in there..Freshness!

Debut appearance as an artist?
Debut as an artist..hmm, well besides a few self released projects from 2002-2004-my first real appearance was on a white label 12'' with Kool Keith and Substance Abuse in 2005..That same year I appeared on 3 independant releases including The Atlantic Connecton on BBE records..That was fresh!

Best moment for you in Hip Hop?
Best moment for me in Hip-Hop!? Hmm, well i've had a few...I guess the first time i rocked a stage was the best moment for me...It was a sold out crowd and we was rockin with the Living Legends cats...My cousin rolled through with the winnebago so we had like a makeshift tour bus with a cooler full a beers and hella weed..That night was dope..Never forget it...

Please speak on your new album "Summer Notations" with Moka Only?
So the new album summer notations-yeah..That's the hot shit man!! Just basically a collection of tracks from 2007-2008...Finally wrapped up in 2009 to be released on the Domination...I like this album..Alot! My heart knows i have alot of growth and capability in me to do much more, so i'm definitely looking forward to that...But BUY THE ALBUM!! tho...You will not be dissapointed...This ones for my real heads and any fan of Moka's work...Haters can eat a shit sandwhich with extra rap turkey..

How did the group Summasound Clinic come together with you and Moka Only?
This album unofficially started back in march of 2007..I say unofficially cuz I never expected to do a whole album with Moka and it was'nt a planned project..I first approached him on some bizness shit...I been a moka fan since the search and rescue album..That shit put me on to all them cats..Ishkan, Jeff Spec all them dudes...But i swear I listened to the desired effect pt.2 album everyday for a light year...playing madden and shit until one day, i came across mokas myspace page and decided to holler at him..Dude was mad cool and we just connected man..I ended up rollin to vancouver that summer and he hooked me up with some beat disks..from there we talked about the idea of doing a project, but shit had'nt panned out..I know dude was hella cool with me but probably wanted to see if I was actually a capable artist and hopefully I've achieved that?..So this project is just me fuckin around on some moke beats from over 3 summers, although most of it was recorded in 2007 and early 2008...Thanks Moke!

Any plans for a tour in the near future?
Yes! Plans for a tour have been in line since day one man..Although these day's mafuckas aint really trying to book a new artist on tours and shit...Would i do it? Hell yeah...What's up Fisher! You got any ideas man?? Haha..Nah, I love rockin the crowd tho...Always a pleasure...I do comedy routines too!! Wet T-shirt contests are always in line..Ladies, I can shake my ass jump on stage wit me and bring me some beer while your at it...Preferrably a dark ale...

What's next as an artist?
Next for me as an artist...Well i did some production work..Or should I say beat making on the new Substance Abuse album as well as threw a rap or two on it...Definitely look out for that! I been collabing with alot of cats...You'll probably be seeing or not seeing my name on alot of small independent shit...For me, I have the portico line up coming on domination...My aliases Duella and Rio got a couple projects in the works...One that should be released at the end of this month on Legendary Entertainment...Be on the lookout for that! and hopefully one in time for xmas...Gift wrapped and all that shit! Plussss, maybe a few beat tape cd's?? not sure yet...But I do alot of work so stay tuned...

Shout outs?
Shout outs to my fammo...Moms and Pops..My sis...Of course my extended family...Substance Abuse, Calico Arts, Kofie and Draftsmen, Mawntsr and Deranj...The whole 6 cents campanola...Of course my cousin Moka Only...D.J. Fisher my dude! Meanest man contest, slumplordz..shit the list goes on...The biggest shout i gotta give right now---is too the small group of my actuall fans and anybody who has or will support my music...past, present and future...As well as all of the people out there that actually BUY REAL music..not the watered down shit...Keep it up...The industry needs us...haha...Peace!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


New album from Nebz Supreme & Moka Only entitled " The Summa Sound Clinic " Summer Notations 2009. The albums intent is too cap the summer off with a brand album of material written entirely by Nebz Supreme(Vocals) and produced entirely by Moka Only(Beats/keys/vocals). This is my favorite album yet!! The vibe is dirty and constant. Filled with summertime bangers and wrapps around your head like a warm blanket. The album is to be released in stores and digitally by the end of September 2009 and will be available online at UGHH.COM..Accesshiphop, Sandboxautomatic,Amoeba, Itunes, Rhapsody etc...Enjoy the sampler and share it with as many folks as you can..Peace!!
Nebz Supreme & Moka Only - Summer Notations

Album Sampler Re-UP!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Now available is the brand new single "Take It To The Bank" featuring Prince Po B/W "Portico" from the 805's newest rising star Nebz Supreme. The single is taken from his new album "Portico" to be released this Summer, that features production from Oznoh (who has worked with Guilty Simpson, Cysion MD, Almighty Dreadnautz, etc.) as well as production from Nebz Supreme. Stay tuned for more news coming soon on Domination Recordings!

1. Take It To the Bank feat. Prince Po
2. Portico

Nebz Supreme "Take It To the Bank" now available at:

Nebz Supreme - Take It to the Bank - Single - Take It to the Bank (feat. Prince Po)

Thanks for the support!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

NEBZ SUPREME-Winter Falls Mixtape 2009

Offical Tracklist:

1. Winter Falls Intro
2. Drop(Raining On My Head)
3. Blessings( wigged wax)
4. Snocaps( Inside Jokes)
5. Winterz Wonderland( Ambrose)
6. Winterz Coldest Fantasy( Wellz)
7. Cave Dwella( Wellz)
8. Luv Means Featuring P-Able ( Wellz)
9. Industry Bullshit
10.Blue In The Face( Crate Monsta)
11.Say It Loud(wigged wax remix)
]2.Work mans Ethic( Inside Jokes)
13.Doper Luder
14.Electric Buzz Are
15.The Move
16.More Ludes For Yooos
17.Cold Outside( Moka Only)

All Tracks mixed, recorded and Edited By Nebz Supreme
All Beats By Nebz Supreme except where noted...
Thank you and shouts out to everyone who was a part of this project...

Here it is folks. The Winter Falls Mixtape. 17 tracks running about 42 minutes. This is a quickie I put together this past winter. Some of the tracks are from 05,06 and most from 07,08. So a bit older. Still majorly fresh! This album has not been mastered given the current state of the music industry as well as the economy, there is no justifiable logic in spending the money on it. Just wanted to hit ya'll with something fresh. This is a freebie for those who get down on it quick enough. I will eventually remove the link and put the album up for sale. I know most kids nowadays feel music should be free? wtf!! I can't believe this is what it is coming down to. There is absolutely no way!! for an independent artist with no push to make a living doing this music sh*t as long as people continue to think that way. Oh well. This ones for the collectors! Do it! Post a comment and leave your feedback! If u end up knockin this one in ya head phones on the bus, or while your mobbin - tell me about it, if you think it sucks - can't please everybody but let mafuckas no you think it's garbage. F*k it. I just wanna see people discussing there opinions on the music i'm giving ya'll. Thanks and god bless my supporters. I love ya'll! Peace N-